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Latest news and announcements from St. Mary's R.C. High School


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  • 18/03/18

    St Mary's Open 19th March

    St Mary's RC High School will be open tomorrow (Monday 19th March 2018). The entrance to the school and most of the site has been cleared of snow.  We would therefore ask you to drive carefully into school if you are dropping off pupils in the morning.  The remainder of the sit...
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  • 07/03/18

    This Girl Can!

    St Mary’s RC High is representing Herefordshire in local Here Girls Can campaign. St Mary’s has been chosen to lead a local campaign styled on the national 'This Girl Can' initiative. Here Girls Can is delivered by the Sports Partnership Herefordshire & Worcestershire (SPHW...
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  • 06/03/18

    Year 8 Retreat Day

    Year 8 pupils will be taking part in a Retreat Day in school tomorrow (Wednesday 7th March 2019). Year 8 pupils may come into school in non-uniform (clothes suitable for school and for doing activities) and will not need their normal school equipment with them.  
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  • 05/03/18

    School Open 6th March

    St Mary’s RC High School will be open tomorrow (Tuesday 6th March 2018).  We hope that school transport will be running, and St Mary’s will be open for any pupils who are able to make it in. We would like to thank parents and pupils for their patience and understanding, and apo...
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  • 04/03/18

    School Closure 5th March

    Following an announcement by Herefordshire Council that they are suspending school transport bus services tomorrow ,we have therefore had to take the decision to close St Mary's tomorrow (Monday 5th March 2018). This is contrary to our previous message and we are sorry for any inconvenie...
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  • 01/03/18

    School Closure 1st March 

    Unfortunately the snow is setting in earlier than forecast, we were hoping to get through the day, however,  Mr Shannon has taken the decision to close St Mary's RC High School.    We will keep school open for Period 1 (9.15 – 10.15) while we contact school transport a...
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  • 28/02/18

    Options Evening

    Dear Parents/Carers   I have decided to postpone the Options Evening which was scheduled for Thursday evening and this will now take place next Tuesday 6th March at 7.00 p.m.   I have been following the weather forecast for much of this week and the latest forecast is for poten...
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  • 08/02/18

    U15 Herefordshire Schools Rugby Final 2017/18

    U15 Herefordshire Schools Rugby Final 2017/18 After a postponement from before Christmas because of the snow, the U15 Herefordshire Schools Rugby final took place at Ledbury RFC between John Masefield High School and St Mary’s R.C. High School.  During a very physical match, St Mary...
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  • 08/02/18

    Ofsted Report

    Please find attached the Ofted report for St Mary's from the inspection that was done in January.
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  • 06/02/18

    GSUS Live

    St Mary’s RE department recently welcomed GSUS Live. GSUS Live is a mobile education unit which is a multi-media classroom in a lorry trailer. It tells the story of three teenagers facing real-life issues in their lives, and how they get inspiration from the Bible to deal with their problems...
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  • 10/01/18

    Ofsted Visit and Survey 

    Dear Parents/Carers We have just been informed that Ofsted will be inspecting St Mary's RC High School tomorrow, Thursday 11 January 2018. Please  find attached letter from Ofsted, inviting parents and carers to complete Ofsted's online survey.  Alternatively the le...
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  • 18/12/17

    A Final Goodbye From Mr Lambert 

    It is Monday morning and my last full day at St Mary’s with children present. It is a very strange feeling after eighteen years at the school. However, despite the strangeness of it all, I can say that it has been a privilege to serve the community that is St Mary’s and I have many memor...
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