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St Mary's RC High School

St Mary’s RC High School

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Teaching Staff


Title Initial Surname Department 
Mr J Ball Head of Computer Science Department
Mr C Barrow Teacher of Mathematics I/C Careers
Mr P Bayliss Teacher of Geography
Mrs S Bray Head of Key Stage 3 RE
Mrs R Buckland Teacher of English
Ms V Budden Teacher of German, Spanish  and English
Mr L Carter Teacher of History i/c Citizenship
Ms M Walton Teacher of PE
Mr J Cook Head of Key Stage 4 RE
Mr D Coyne Teacher of RE
Mrs J Crouch Teacher of Art and Technology
Ms S Crowley Teacher of Technology
Miss M Edwards Teacher of Business Studies and Computer Science
Mr M Anderson Teacher of Music
Mr M Fitzgerald Assistant Headteacher Head of History Department
Mr A Giampalma Head of Physical Education
Ms S Gorin Teacher of French and Spanish
Mrs E Gray Teacher of Mathematics 
Mr J Griggs Teacher of PE
Mrs L Hardwick Teacher of French
Mrs G Watson SEND Coordinator, Teacher of English
Mrs S Henshaw Head of Art & Design Technology 
Ms J Howell-Davis Teacher of Geography and English, Head of Year 8
Ms A Hughes Head of Geography
Mrs G Barber Teacher of Science
Mr M Kennedy Assistant Headteacher Pastoral Care, 
Mrs A Leslie Teacher of Science,  Assessment Manager
Ms L Lindsay Teacher of History and Business Studies 
Mr D Matthews Teacher of Science, Head of Year 11
Mr J Mortimer  Teacher of Technology
Mrs L Peruffo Teacher of Science
Miss D Davies Teacher of Art
Mrs F Richards Teacher of Mathematics, Head of Year 10
Ms F Roberts Teacher of PE, Head of Year 7 
Mrs C Robins Head  of English and Drama 
Mr P Robinson Teacher of Mathematics
Mr A Pickford Head of Languages
Mr P Shannon Deputy Headteacher / Temporary Head Teacher
Ms S Stanbridge Teacher of English   
Ms Sewell Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs R Surman Teacher of R E
Mrs E Thomas Teacher of History, Head of Teacher Training 
Mr G Thomas Head of Music Head of Year 9
Mrs C Tumelty Teacher of PE
Mr S Warde Teacher of English, Development of Teaching and Learning
Mrs S Wibmer Head of Mathematics Department
Mr N Williams Head of Science Department
Mrs S Windall Teacher of French, Mathematics and Science
Mr A Yearnshire Teacher of Science
Miss Price Teacher of English