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St Mary's RC High School

St Mary’s RC High School

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The Latest News From St Mary's

  • Wednesday 13 Dec 2017

    Bugsy Malone

    BUGSY MALONE St Mary’s RC High School was recently transformed into 1920’s Chicago as a cast of 45 students staged the timeless classic Bugsy Malone.  Set during the Prohibition era, a world...

  • Tuesday 12 Dec 2017

    School is open 13th December 

    St Mary's RC High School will be open tomorrow, Wednesday 13th December 2017. As some roads remain icy, please take care when travelling to school.

  • Monday 11 Dec 2017

    School closed 12th December 

    Due to the adverse weather conditions forecast for tonight,  the decision has been made to close St Mary's tomorrow, Tuesday 12th December 2017. 

  • Sunday 10 Dec 2017

    School closed 11th December / RSC Trip Cancelled 

    Due to the weather Mr Lambert has decided the school will be closed 11th December.  Year 10 RSC Theatre Visit - Monday 11th December 2017 It is with regret that due to adverse weather conditions, with...

  • Headteacher's Update

    November 2017

    Last Days Recently I did a rough calculation to work out how many days teaching I have completed. Assuming a 195 day school year, it comes to in excess of 8,100 days in a 42 year career. Of that I have been a head teacher for over 4,200 days. As I write I have just 22 working days remaining. To calculate the number of pupils that I have taught or that have passed through schools I have worked at presents a daunting calculation if accuracy is demanded.  However, assuming an average of 700 pupils per school (I have worked in 5 schools of varying size) the number of children that would have known me appr...

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Pope On Twitter

  • @pontifex:
    Even if there were no one else left to remember us, Jesus would always be there at our side.
    Dec 15, 2017
  • @pontifex:
    I encourage all of you to live the joy of your mission by witnessing to the Gospel wherever you are called to live and work.
    Dec 14, 2017
  • @pontifex:
    Christians are called to work concretely in the realities of this world, illuminating them with the light that comes from God.
    Dec 13, 2017
  • @pontifex:
    Thank you for following @Pontifex which turns five years old today. May social media always be spaces that are rich in humanity!
    Dec 12, 2017
  • @pontifex:
    We ask for the grace to make our faith more and more operative through acts of charity.
    Dec 11, 2017
  • @pontifex:
    Political activity must truly be conducted at the service of the human person, with respect for creation and for the common good.
    Dec 10, 2017
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