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WYD - Madrid - 2011

On Monday 15th August the Hereford World Youth day crew left England in the middle of the night.


On Monday 15th August the Hereford World Youth day crew left England in the middle of the night.

Every day we woke up at 6am for a morning catechism starting around 8am at a local parish hall. Each day a different English speaking priest would give a talk on a certain topic and leave the end open for questions about the topic, or anything that is troubling the young of the catholic faith. We also had praise and worship at the start and the sessions ended with joyful celebrations of mass.


The experiences hit home truly when on the Tuesday we went to the city centre of Madrid for the first time and were engulfed in an estimated 4 million Catholics from all over the world. We swapped many things with people from Indonesia, Brazil, Japan and America, to name but a few. 


Throughout the experience we were involved in many masses, all of which made me feel one with the other Catholics, with the realization of being part of a huge catholic family. The atmosphere within the parish’s are indescribable, as everyone was on their feet singing and worshipping together. It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.


When the pope got to Madrid there was a welcome mass with big screens throughout the streets which were full of lively Catholics ready for the big event, the atmosphere was electric. We were also led in ‘The stations of the cross’ through the streets with people following all over Madrid.


Everyone from the Archdiocese of Cardiff was in high spirits throughout the pilgrimage which made the trip even more fun. I can assure you everyone had a great time and enjoyed the life changing experience.


I’d like to thank all of the parishioners who made it possible for me to go on the World Youth Day pilgrimage, an experience that will stay with me forever.


Marin Thomas