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St Mary's RC High School

St Mary’s RC High School

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Chaplaincy Dates

Chaplaincy Dates 2013 - 2014

Chaplaincy Dates 2013 - 2014


Start of year Mass – Friday 13th September

Year 7 welcome Mass - Thursday 26th September at 7:00pm

De Paul Feast Day house Mass – Friday 27th September at 9:00am


Year 10 Day Retreats

Friday 11th – 10L

Monday 14th – 10D

Tuesday 15th – 10M

Thursday 17th – 10T

Friday 18th – 10V


The year 10 retreat days are based around Luke 9:18-20,

“Once when Jesus was praying alone, his followers were with him, and he asked them, ‘Who do the people say I am?’

They answered, ‘some say you are John the Baptist. Others say you are Elijah. And others say you are one of the prophets from long ago who has come back to life.’

Then Jesus asked, ‘But who do you say I am?’

Peter answered, ‘You are the Christ from God.’


The day is spent reflecting on what words we hitch to ‘I am...’, we walk to the river for a mediation based around those words. The afternoon begins with a short video reflection by ‘the skit guys’ titled God’s will. This day involves a lot of talking, discussion and sharing, and ends with an affirmation session.




All Saints Day Mass – Friday 1st November


Laboure House Mass – Thursday 28th November at 9:00am



Penitential services: Tuesday 10th December: Period 1: Year 7

                                         Period 2: Year 8

                                         Period 3: Year 9

                                         Period 4: Opportunity for confession

                                         Period 4: Opportunity for confession


Penitential services: Thursday 12th December: Period 1: Year 10

                                           Period 2:

                                           Period 3: Year 11

                                           Period 4: Opportunity for confession

                                           Period 4: Opportunity for confession


Carol Service – Tuesday 17th December at 7pm

Whole School Mass – Wednesday 18th December at 11am


Year 8 Day Retreats

Friday 24th – 8L

Monday 27th – 8D

Tuesday 28th – 8M

Thursday 29th – 8T

Friday 30th – 8V

The year 8’s day retreat is based around The Beatitudes, to start the day we think about how The Beatitudes fit into our lives and what steps we can take towards God and to build our relationship with him. The day also involves some singing, some playing games as well as a meditation and reflection on God’s unending love for us. Each form make their own cross to take away as a reminder to have in form that no matter what, even times when we might struggle to follow Jesus’ teachings for example The Beatitudes, that doesn’t change the love he has for us. Our sharing activity involves us drawing pictures for each Beatitude and linking that to an aspect of our life, for ‘Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy’ we drew a hand as a symbol of us reaching out to those who we need to show forgiveness too, and so we each put a handprint around the cross as a sign of us reaching out for God’s love.


Year 8 Residential Retreat (Alton Castle) – Friday 28th February – Sunday 2nd March

“Established as a residential youth centre by the Archdiocese of Birmingham, Alton Castle opened in September 1996. It has had a highly successful first 15 years with over 8,000 children visiting the Castle each year, mostly on residential retreats but an increasing number now coming on day retreats.
 Many things have changed and evolved over the years at the Castle, and many lives have been touched, either directly or indirectly, however, the one constant throughout this time has been the mission of the Castle: to promote the personal, spiritual and social development of all children and visitors, its employees and volunteers, through prayer and activity in such a way that they may live life to the full and become fully alive in God.”

Taken from the Alton Castle website.

St. Mary’s has been taking groups to the castle for the last 5 years now. Groups always come away having had a really positive experience. Alton Castle retreats encompass a range of outdoor activities for example, mountain biking, trekking and archery along with opportunities for prayer and reflection as well as a celebration Mass.