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Year 11 Retreat Day

Before half term each year 11 form class took part in their own form retreat day, we stayed on site and made the most of our beautiful chapel.


Before half term each year 11 form class took part in their own form retreat day, we stayed on site and made the most of our beautiful chapel.

The day started with Morning Prayer, we thought about geese and how they fly in a V shape formation because the up draught that is created by the way they fly supports them and helps them fly further. Everybody in the class wrote their name on a piece of paper and left them in a V shape to symbolise how today and in fact all the time how they can support each other. All of the form classes names will be put together in a V shape as a focus point for their leavers mass on Friday 13th May.

After Morning Prayer we played a few ice breaking games to ease us into the day. We continued to play lots of team building games. We had a break from the games for a little getting to know you session, the year 11’s were paired off and sent for a little walk they had to find out the answers to three questions, we all came back into the chapel and each person had to tell the group about their partner. Then the fun and games continued up until lunch!

The afternoon was a lot more relaxed; we started by doing some leavers mass art, which involved getting a bit messy with paint!



We then had a mediation which gave the year 11’s time to think about their St. Mary’s school journey I also took the time now to explain how important it is for them to have quiet time for themselves and over the next couple of months of revision and exam stress they might find it very comforting and grounding to spend some time in quiet and prayer. They then took some time to fill out a St. Mary’s journey sheet which asked questions about their time and achievements at St. Marys and also their future plans. These will be blessed at the leavers mass and their form tutors will give them back to them.

A big part of the afternoon was the affirmation session, each young person had an affirmation book and every person in the class had to write something affirming about everyone. These were given back to the year 11’s as part of the end of day prayer service which was based on Timothy 4:12. Everybody enjoyed their day, some comments off the anonymous evaluation forms:

‘All round really good day’ 11V

‘I thought it was a great day and I loved it’ 11V

‘I loved the group games. It gave me the chance to get to know other people and interact with them’ 11V

‘It was awesome’ 11V

‘Really enjoyed, great break from school and has really helped me reflect’ 11V

‘I really enjoyed the group games, i wouldn’t have changed anything’ 11V

‘It’s been amazing’ 11d

‘Today has really helped me’ 11d

‘Loved the day, was really great fun’ 11D

‘Loved the day’11L

‘It’s been a really good day getting to know everyone’ 11L

‘Brilliant day should happen more often’ 11M

‘It’s been amazing. It was a great day. I hope others enjoy it like I have’ 11M

‘Fantastic day’ 11M

‘I want to do it all over again’ 11T

‘I loved it’ 11T

‘Such a valuable day’ 11T

‘Sorry, praying was good but the other bits were awesome. Great day really enjoyed it’ 11T