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St Mary’s RC High School

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West Midland Safari and Leisure Park Trip

Information for Parents/Carers/Pupils

West Midland Safari and Leisure Park Trip –

 Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Information for Parents/Carers/Pupils

Those travelling to the West Midland Safari and Leisure Park should gather on the school drive when the bell rings for the start of school at 8.55. From here they will be directed to a coach. They will be registered on the coach. Pupils must return on the same coach.

Pupils do not need to wear school uniform but should wear comfortable clothes and sensible footwear. Consider packing a waterproof jacket if rain is likely. If the weather is warm shorts are a good idea as there are several water rides. The weather forecast is for a hot and sunny day so pupils should consider this and take sun cream and a hat.

We expect excellent behaviour whilst travelling on the coach and at the amusement park.

Pupils should take a packed lunch. There is a covered picnic area at the site, where we eat lunch together as a group. This is after we have been around the safari park and before we enter the theme park. If pupils wish to purchase food, this will not be possible until we enter the theme park where there are adequate picnic areas as well as a number of food outlets. Arrangements have been made with the school canteen for those who receive free school meals for a packed lunch to be provided.


Whilst in the Park, pupils should group themselves into a minimum of 3 at all times. They will each be given a wristband which entitles them to unrestricted access to all rides. There are a considerable number of staff accompanying this trip and these staff members will be moving around the park throughout the day.


Pupils may wish to take spending money at your discretion; drinks / ice cream / light refreshments are readily available - as are the temptations of the gift shops.  £5 will be plenty though bear in mind that it is the pupils’ responsibility to look after their money carefully. The coaches will be securely locked and attended throughout the day by the drivers and I suggest that all phones and electronic devices are left safely on the coach. We cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of such items.


Pupils will be given clear instructions for gathering together to board the coaches at the end of the day.


We expect to arrive back at school at around 7pm. However, could I please draw your attention to the following: there will be 4 coaches carrying about 250 pupils. Please therefore, do not park and wait on the school drive or roundabout area. Please use the tennis courts to park. It is essential that the coaches can access and unload safely and this will not be possible if the school drive is used to park and wait.


Mr Kennedy