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Understanding the impact of the pandemic on your child

Take a look at this short course being offered to parents from the Solihull Approach -

This course is about understanding how the coronavirus pandemic may have affected your child or children emotionally.

It starts with a brief look at your experience of the COVID pandemic and then moves onto thinking about your child or children.

This is a very short course, introducing some ideas about the impact of the pandemic on your child. It may take you about 30 minutes to complete.

You may have noticed that your child’s interests have changed since returning to school, or that your child is more anxious, or you might be worried about their social life. This course may help you to process the impact of the pandemic on your child. There are some things to think about here, but the course isn't full of answers, as it's a very short course. You may have some thoughts about your child or children as you do the course.

There are, however, ideas for supporting your child in our in depth course 'Understanding your child' or in 'Understanding your child with additional needs'. There are also several other courses available in our courses library. Something for everyone!