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Drop-off and Collection Reminder ​​​​​​​

Dear Parents/Guardians

Drop-off and Collection Reminder

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents and carers that we strongly advise all pupils travelling to school by car in the mornings to be dropped off inside the school grounds on the driveway and not on the roads or pavements outside of the school gate.  We appreciate that this may take further time yet it is the only way we can ensure their safety.

Similarly, and despite the increased volume of traffic as a result of the pandemic, the same is true for the afternoon collection.

Thank you so much to those of you who routinely do this and for your patience, cooperation and support.

You may also be aware that for some time now, together with the support of the governors, I have been working closely with the local council and other agencies on the issue of highway safety on the road immediately outside of our school.  The result of this work to date is the increased speed awareness signage on the approach to St Mary’s, the widening of the school drive entrance to increase visibility and a crossing across the school driveway.  We have had productive talks and meetings with representatives from the local council and other agencies and we look to continue these with a view to further safety measures being implemented by the relevant authorities in the foreseeable future.

I will of course update you as and when we receive notification of progress with the above.

Thanks again for your ongoing support.


S Wetson