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St Mary's RC High School

St Mary’s RC High School

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Young Enterprise 

The Young Enterprise team did brilliantly on Saturday (they attended the YE Christmas Fayre with the other school and colleges). The team’s product are called pop sockets. They are hoping to add more mobile phone accessories to their range. They sold all of their stock!



They were also selling mistletoe to raise funds. They did brilliantly – they went around local businesses selling it to them. They’d ran out of mistletoe by lunchtime so decided to buy it from the other teams. The other teams weren’t doing so well so they were more than happy to shift for any price including giving it to the boys for free. Our team then cut and tied ribbon around and went off to sell it. In total they’ve made over £250.They were so confident and polite with the members of the public. We have had had plenty of positive feedback.