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Within year 7 Art, students will cover a broad range of Art mediums, processes, and skills as well as looking at artists and the way they work. Students can expect to complete a large amount of practical ‘making’ tasks as well as design work and their own artists inspired pieces in sketchbooks.

Students will learn about how to create introductory project work in their sketchbooks. This will involve creating title pages, looking at and exploring artists work, designing 3D work and much more. This aspect of the project helps students to work on their presentation skills, drawing skills and investigate working with different dry and wet mediums such as; pen, pencil, collage, watercolour, printmaking etc. During their Art lessons pupils will also work with highly practical materials such as clay to make a final piece of work at the end of their project that they will then take home.

Art is a friendly and welcoming environment where ideas are shared and creativity/innovation is strongly encouraged. Pupils will build on and share ideas building their confidence with the subject of Art.


  • Example Assignments:

Bugs and Butterflies project.

An example of one of the projects taught in Art in Year 7 is the ‘Bugs and Butterflies’ project.
Within this project we look at;

-how to create a beautiful title page that introduces project. This involves gradual pencil shading, Italic font writing and some small drawings. Students are encouraged to be very unique with their work.

-what mark making is and how to incorporate it into drawing

-observational insect drawing with pen and pencil exploring tone, detail and mark making.

-looking at insect artists such as; Daniel Mackie, Rosalind Monks and Raku Inoe. Making pages on these artists by using medias such as watercolour, natural materials (plants, leaves, flowers etc.)

-poly block print making

-tissue paper, colour paper and magazine collaging.

-clay insect designing (with paint) and clay insect sculpture building and glazing.

Within all of the year 7 projects that are taught, students are shown a wide range of drawing, painting, printing, sculptural and creative skills that they will build on and develop further as they move up the school.

Title Page
Observational insect drawings with pencil and pen
Raku Inoe inspired 3D nature sculpture pictures


Supported clay design template work


Supported clay design template work
  • Trips and activities in Art;

Within the department there have been a good range of trips and activities that have been run.

-Previously the department has taken GCSE students to destinations abroad such as Barcelona looking at galleries and architecture.

-Students have also been taken on gallery trips around the UK to destinations such as London and Birmingham to inform their work further and take part in workshops that have been co-ordinated by the galleries.

-We have a good working relationship with HCA (Herefordshire college of Arts where we take groups of students on day trips to look at degree, foundation and college exhibitions.

-Artists have come in to school to do all day/ half a day/ after school workshops. Showing and teaching the students new skills and inspiring them.

Daniel Mackie inspired watercolour insects- displayed at HCA (Herefordshire college of Arts)


  • What skills you develop in Art;

Creative skills

-develop your presentation skills and learn to take pride in your work.

-develop drawing, mark making and tonal skills.

-learn how to collage with different materials

-learn how to paint with different painting mediums such as watercolour

-print making skills

       -3D design and drawing skill. (for clay work)

       - develop sculpture skills by using clay.

       - glazing skills for finishing clay work.


Personal skills

-creative and outside of the box thinking

-develop an understanding and learn how to talk about your own and others work in a positive and thoughtful way.

-be able to assess your own and others work in a critical way.

-problem solving and independent thinking

-cultural and artistic knowledge and understanding

-develop and understanding of how to evaluate your own work and set personal targets to strive for within lessons.


Clay insect tiles