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Art & Design Department 

Head of Art and Design Technology
Mr J Mortimer

Subject staff
Miss C Chan, Mrs S Crowley, Miss E Deegan, Mrs C Dolan

Mrs B Faulkner-Elliott

The Art and Design Department is an important part of the school’s curriculum which encourages students think creatively and to go out and be aware, interested, involved in the world in which they all live.

We are an enthusiastic department who strive to promote an environment in which all students can develop lively, enquiring minds, solve problems, take personal responsibility for the safety of themselves and others and are allowed to enjoy and achieve their potential through art, craft, design and making. There is a strong emphasis on experimentation whilst learning practical skills using hand and machine tools and equipment to make quality art work and products which the students can feel proud of.

The main aim of the Art Department is to encourage all students to enjoy creating art by stimulating experimental thinking, encourage the taking of risks in their art, to explore art in a variety of media and formats as well as to build the confidence to work independently with an enquiring mind. Design and Technology develops a student’s ability to solve design problems in a rational and organized way by broadening their knowledge of materials and techniques, leaving plenty of scope for imaginative and creative flair. 

At KS3, in Years 7, 8 and 9 students are taught Art, Food, Textiles and Resistant Materials in mixed ability year groups on a rotational basis.

Each year the Art and Design Technology Department will ask for your support in the form of a parental contribution towards sketchbooks, folders and materials. As teachers, we find that by providing quality materials and a range of products to work with really enhances the development of students’ work, the progress they make and their experiences and interest in Art and Design.