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Business Studies 



  • Mrs V Avery

Course: OCR GCSE Business J204


Being Enterprising is widely recognised as a key skill in modern life. It encourages us to be independent, creative and enables us to make effective decisions. GCSE Business equips students with the skills and confidence to explore how different business situations affect decision-making. They develop their understanding of concepts, objectives and terminology, and the impact of contemporary issues on business operations. This GCSE will enable students to develop life skills by making them financially and commercially aware. It is an excellent introduction to a wide range of further study opportunities, as well as being very useful for those pursuing apprenticeships when they leave school.

OCR GCSE Business J204

Successful businesses are those that understand and respond to the markets that they operate in. To ensure that students can relate to this we deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which makes regular use of the business news and other issues such as environmental concerns. We also regularly use local business stories to help pupils gain a deeper understanding of the community in which they live, and may go on to work in. This wider focus helps build our decision making and analytical skills by considering how we would deal with a variety of situations both local and national. This gives students a starting point for further discovery on the impact that business makes on all of our lives.

In order to give pupils realistic opportunities to experience business decisions, when possible we give them the opportunity to visit businesses and we enter enterprise competitions.


We test our knowledge through the use of past examination questions and end of module tests. The skill of writing well developed business arguments is built over the course by tackling increasingly complex scenarios.

The GCSE is examined via two external exams. The papers are of equal weight and both comprise a mixture of multiple choice, short and long answer questions. The first paper assesses the pupil’s knowledge of the unit one topics whilst the second paper assesses the unit two topics whilst also including at least one longer question which requires pupils to consider the impacts on a whole business rather than just specific areas.


Every pupil will engage in the business world when they leave education as either a consumer, employee or entrepreneur. The provision of effective business and enterprise education will give pupils a foundation of well-rounded knowledge and skills, with which to transition to their future. This GCSE is an ideal introduction to careers in many aspects of business including marketing, banking, accountancy, media, HR, law, production management and politics as well as of course becoming an entrepreneur.

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