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Constitution and Committees



Constitution: as per Sealed Instrument of Government dated 31 July 2023

2 parent governors

1 local authority governor

1 staff governor

1 headteacher

8 foundation governors (2 of whom must be eligible to be parent governors)

1 co-opted governor


Total: 14 governors


Note: No more than 1/3 of overall number of voting governors (ie maximum of 4), including headteachers, are to be employed by the school.


Parent governor: 2 governors

1.         Rob Hunter

2.         John Stedman


LA governor: 1 governor

1.         Ken Smith


Staff governor: 1 governor

1.         Vikki Avery


Headteacher: 1 governor

1.         Stuart Wetson


Foundation governor: 8 governors

1.         Pete Fawcett

2.         Martin Francis

3.         Lynn Johnson (parent)

4.         Rafal Kochanski (tbc)

5.         Brenda Poynton (parent)

6          Fr Augustine Primavesi

7.         Ken Rainbill-Johnson (tbc)

8.         Marian Smith


Co-opted governor: 1 governor

1.         Vacant


Associate member (non-voting): 2 members

1.         Brendan Finlow

2.         Angela Leslie


Full Governing Body

Vikki Avery

Pete Fawcett: vice-chair of the governing body; link governor science

Brendan Finlow: clerk to the governing body; associate member

Martin Francis: link governor maths

Rob Hunter: link governor careers

Lynn Johnson: chair of the governing body; link governor SEND and maths

Rafal Kochanski (tbc)

Angela Leslie: associate member

Brenda Poynton: link governor health and safety and MFL

Fr Augustine Primavesi: link governor English and drama

Ken Rainbill-Johnson (tbc)

Ken Smith: link governor health and safety

Marian Smith: link governor safeguarding, spirituality and RE

John Stedman

Stuart Wetson


Admissions panel

Rob Hunter

Lynn Johnson

Stuart Wetson


Resources Committee

Vikki Avery

Pete Fawcett

Brendan Finlow (associate member)

Rob Hunter

Lynn Johnson

Brenda Poynton (chair)

Ken Smith


Safeguarding Committee

Vikki Avery

Pete Fawcett (chair)

Martin Francis

Angela Leslie (associate member)

Brenda Poynton

Marian Smith


Standards and Curriculum Committee

Lynn Johnson

Angela Leslie

Fr Augustine Primavesi

Marian Smith

Stuart Wetson