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Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Students can expect to complete a wide range of designing and making tasks in year 7 (specific details of these can be found below).

They will learn about the design process and how designers work to ensure that the products they create suit the end user as well as considering environmental factors including sourcing raw materials, how they are processed and made into products as well as what happens to them when they are disposed of at the end of their life cycle.

Students can expect a supportive and creative environment in which to explore their ideas leading to outcomes that they produce themselves.

Design and Technology Ethos

We work hard to ensure that students feel (and are) safe when using tools and machinery and that by doing so they gain confidence in their own abilities both creatively and practically.

Belt Sander Homework Task 

Design and Technology

In Year 7 students are introduced to the subject of Design and Technology by learning about health and safety in the workshops. As most of the new students will not have worked in such an environment before it is important to learn about the risks involved and how to minimise them.

Pen Tidy Project

Our first project is to design and make a Pen Tidy.

We learn about the requirements of a design and how we can make sure that we think about all of the possibilities when trying to solve the design brief.

Mind Map

Students learn about the materials we will use (softwood and plywood) so they understand their properties and the limitations when using them.

Students discuss design ideas in small groups and produce a range of design solutions to suit the design brief.

Design Ideas

Peer review is used to decide on which are the best individual ideas and students are encouraged to make a decision as to which design to develop into a chosen final concept.

Developed Idea 

Students are taught about accuracy of drawing and design and complete a full sized design for their Pen Tidy which they then use to create a template to ensure they can cut out their shape to the correct size.

When making their Pen Tidy students learn how to use hand saws safely and they use machine tools to drill holes in their wood and finish the edges.

Paint is used to apply the coloured design to the top of the Pen Tidy and wax polish is used to produce a smooth finish to any unpainted surfaces.

Final Product 

Students are encouraged (where possible) to work as independently as possible with the teacher leading them through specific skills by way of demonstrations and close supervision on the machine tools.

Key Fob Project

In the last two weeks of the module students learn how to use CADCAM (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture to produce a key fob from thermoplastic.

Students build skills in the use of 2D Design, a computer program that is easy to pick up, and develop designs for a key fob for themselves.

They learn how to use the Laser Cutter independently so that they are able to manufacture their key fobs themselves.

Laser Cutter

Skills are then further developed when students design and make themselves a 150mm ruler to be used in their lessons.

Laser Cut Key Fob

Students regularly feedback to teachers the level of enjoyment that they get from designing and making something of their own in Design and Technology and we are certain that the skills gained will serve them well as they progress through the school and indeed in later life.

You will;

  • learn how to present your work effectively so others can understand your thinking.
  • develop pride in your work
  • develop your drawing and designing skills
  • learn how to use machine tools and hand equipment safely and accurately
  • learn how to produce products to a high level of finish
  • learn how to work collaboratively with others and share ideas
  • learn how to evaluate you work in a systematic way and suggest improvements to your designs throughout the designing/making process and at the end of projects.