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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions, answered by our Year 7 school council

Was it easy to settle into St Mary’s?

Yes! This school is so welcoming and is flooded with so many amazing friends and I have got to know all the teachers. This school is spectacular!

What can be scary about moving from primary school?

It can be scary to move to a much bigger school, but I promise you it will be your second home within weeks. It can also be scary to have a whole new class, but now after a few days, my class were all my best friends. Don’t be scared, be you!

What will it be like when I start? 

The first few days you will spend with your tutor group familiarising yourself with the school. You will play lots of getting to know you games and have guided tours and lots of fun along the way!

What are the teachers like?

All the teachers are really nice and supportive. If you ever need any help or have any questions they are always there to ask. It doesn’t matter whether they teach you they are always there to support you.

Will it be easy to make friends?

Yes! It will be easy to make friends because everybody else is in the same position. Barely anybody knows each other, so everyone will be ‘searching’ for friends. I found making friends very easily, and I didn’t know anyone I don’t even live in Hereford and I found my new friend’s groups very quickly.

What is the food like?

It is brilliant! There is a huge range of tasty food and drinks. There are always different choices of flavoured water. Every day you can go to the canteen at break and lunch and buy anything which is there including wraps, sandwiches, cookies, doughnuts and a tasty hot meal. When I went to St Mary’s I didn’t expect to buy anything from there, but it is absolutely impossible not to.

What opportunities are there for Year 7?

There are so many opportunities at St Mary’s! We have started Cricket and Rounders after school this term and it is so fun! Mrs Walton is your head of year 7 and a PE teacher, so she makes you feel super welcome for the after-school clubs. There are lots of opportunities to learn musical instruments and go on school trips!

Are the lunchtime queues long? 

These aren’t too long as not everyone comes into the main hall at the same time. Each year group comes in at a different time throughout lunchtime. At the beginning Year 7's will be the first in but over time this rotates to let other year groups in first. If there is a club on at lunch, the teacher is able to provide a student with a card to get to the front of the queue.

Is the work hard?

It is a little harder than the work from primary school. If you find anything difficult then there are lovely kind teachers who will help you.

What is amazing about St Mary’s?

The best thing about St Mary’s is the people and staff they all so kind!