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Teaching staff

Mrs A. Hughes
(Head of Department)

Mr P. Bayliss
Mrs J. Howell-Davis

Mrs H. Sagers
Teaching Assistant

The Geography Department aims to encourage a sense of curiosity and wonder about the extraordinary places in our world. We aim to increase awareness of the many and varied environments and fragile ecosystems which are so easily damaged. We encourage respect for other peoples in the world, combining studies of how they live with ideas of what we can learn from other cultures.

The Department has high expectations of all pupils and encourages each one to give their very best, promoting all pupils’ efforts and encouraging them to conduct in-depth studies. We have introduced a wide range of places in our new KS3 curriculum and expect members of staff to up-date resources very frequently.

The scheme of work promotes a variety of teaching strategies and encourages the use of multi-media resources, such as video, film, aerial photography, web sites and other interactive activities. The scheme has been designed around key questions and issues. Geographical skills are incorporated into each lesson. 

Investigations and enquiries are used for some key assessments with the success criteria shared with pupils before they begin the work. Pupils are expected to develop independent learning skills over the KS3 course.

At GCSE we currently follow the AQA specification.