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German Market trip

On 3rd December, we set off for Germany. After a long 17 hour journey we arrived in Koblenz, a small city along a river. The journey was tiring but it was definitely worth it. We had our lunch at a Christmas market in the centre of Koblenz, and then we explored our surroundings, before heading back to the hotel to relax. A member of staff kindly created a small quiz to entertain us all in the evening.

The next morning arrived, and everyone was in a great mood due to the fantastic breakfast provided by the hotel. It even included donuts! We set off for Deutsche Eck. The monument was incredible and we just had to have a photo in front of it. Next, we took a short walk to the cable car, where we jumped in to get to the Fortress.  In groups we explored the fortress, setting off in different directions. We even saw Europe’s biggest cannon! After that we got on the bus and headed to another Christmas market; we saw 28 magnificent castles as we travelled down the Rhine. Our destination was the famous Christmas market in Rudesheim which covered the whole town. We managed to experience many German traditions and had a chance to buy from the amazing stalls. Before we left we visited the torture museum which despite what it sounds, was very interesting! In the evening, after we had eaten our dinner, we ice skated in Koblenz, a lovely end to a great day.Germany

On our final morning we all had breakfast together for the last time. Then we got back on the coach for our journey home. We travelled through five countries in 17 hours: Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and England. We all had had a great time and were sad to leave. We made new friends and experienced new cultures, all in all a great trip.