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KS4 Assessment

Students in KS4 are assessed in a similar way to KS3 students to maintain consistency and clarity. The behaviour strand is applied in the same way as expectations for learning remain the same across the school. However, as students are now subject to external assessment, the knowledge, skills and communication they will be assessed on is dictated by the qualification boards. Each GCSE subject has its own Assessment Objectives (AOs) and these are outlined in the various specifications. For information on which board each subject offers please see our curriculum section.

At KS4 the assessment process follows the course of study for the qualification. Students will be routinely assessed on the relevant AOs for a component, section, or paper.  Again, we assess using a range of formative and summative assessment that might include quizzes, tests, projects, homework, speaking and listening, designs and more. Peer and self-assessment are also utilised to ensure students are fully aware of their own areas of strength and development. For details on specific assessment objectives or course content please see our curriculum pages or speak to a head of department.

Each subject reports home to parents three times per academic year with full and interim reports. Full reports include a summary of the yearly curriculum and a teacher comment from each specific subject area. Interim reports include only progress and behaviour information. For details of the dates of reports for relevant year groups please see our key dates document.

For example:

GCSE Grading

Grades at GCSE were reformed in 2015 with a 9-1 scale reflecting the range of outcomes. For information on the 9-1 system please see this link.

At St Mary’s our progress at KS4 is reported using these GCSE grades and a further sublevel to indicate the level of confidence in this grade.

In interim and full reports students will receive a grade 9-1 along with a sublevel of +/=/- to indicate their performance within the grade. Students grades may move up and down throughout the year depending on the subject, the component studied and the assessment utilised. Progress is not linear and Y11 mocks, as well as end of year 10 exams, are available to give students and parents predictions of performance in exam conditions.

See the table below for some examples.

Further information about how the process works is available in our Assessment Overview pack which you can find below.