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Teaching staff

Mrs E Todd
Head of Department

Mrs F Richards

Mrs C Tunna

Ms L Davies

Ms S Brice

We are committed to delivering a mathematics course that reflects the importance of mathematics in the modern world and its interconnection with all aspects of life. Through the delivery of key content we aim to develop the pupils mathematical reasoning, their ability to solve problems and their fluency, as well as fostering a love of the subject.

The teaching of maths at St. Mary’s provides opportunities for :

  • Group work 
  • Paired work 
  • Whole class teaching 
  • Individual work

Pupils engage in:

  •  The development of mental strategies
  •  Consolidation of basic skills and routines
  •  Written methods
  •  Practical work
  •  Investigational work
  •  Problem-solving
  •  Activities to develop thinking skills
  •  Mathematical discussion