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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

St. Mary’s exists to serve the Catholic communities of Hereford, Ross, Ledbury, Leominster and surrounding areas. 

We are here to educate the children in a community which has Gospel values, traditions and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Faith as the kernel of its ethos.

The mission of the school is:

  • To develop an understanding and love of the Catholic faith in our school community enabling all to grow in the appreciation that the school is a community of believers.
  • To value the contribution that all staff bring, knowing that together we strive to build the Kingdom of God.
  • To foster the integration of various aspects of human development – spiritual, moral, emotional, social, physical and intellectual.
  • To maintain practical support, guidance and affirmation for all in the school community.
  • To prepare pupils for their future life in today’s world.

To achieve these aims the School will:

  • Have an R.E. Programme which encourages faith development and meets the directives of Church authorities.
  • Have opportunities to experience what it is to be part of a Worshipping Community.
  • Develop appropriate systems whereby each individual feels a sense of justice, love and value.
  • Support initiatives which train pupils to develop as independent young adults able to take responsibility.
  • Co-operate in the formation of meaningful cross-curricular links.  

Our mission statement is at the heart of collective worship at St Mary’s Roman Catholic High School.