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RE update June 2020


Let nothing disturb you,
let nothing frighten you,
all things will pass away.
God never changes;
patience obtains all things,
whoever has God lacks nothing.
God alone suffices. Amen.

Prayer of St Theresa of Avila



First the good news…lessons (of sorts) will begin again in School from the 25th June

You will be in small groups on a rota. Do please bring all of your RE work in to your lessons if you have not already sent it in and we can collate/mark/ and stick in to your exercise books all of your work.

At one point in the early spring we were hoping to be back in School earlier and so have time to complete the YR 10 formal end of year exams. This is now not going to be possible and so we will keep the exam papers for the mocks at the end of the autumn term in yr11 so do hang onto any revision notes you have made.

As well as a phased start up with the lessons your individual teachers will keep you moving through the syllabus with weekly work and assignments.

We are also hoping to start using soon some more interactive lessons on Microsoft teams which you will be invited to join in by your class teacher

If you look at the front of your kerboodle electronic text book you will see the 6 units of work with the last chapter called ‘Eschatology’ which we are hoping to have finished by the end of the summer term.

Do try and keep a disciplined timetable and routine. 

This involves you being mature and realising what good practice this is for your GCSE exams. 

To work /revise do use a combination of online kerboodle and the excellent Mr Mc Millan you tube lessons below.

If you have any kerboodle log in problems please contact our IT support at


Thank You

Mr Cook

Generic Kerboodle logins to use if forgotten:

Username Password Institution code
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