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Religious Education

Religious Education

Mrs R Surman

Head of RE

Mr D Coyne

RE Specialist and Head of Y8

Ms C Leslie 

Youth S.V.P. Co-ordinator

"Heavenly Father,
May I live this day, Compassionate of heart , Gentle in word, Kind in deed ,
Gracious in awareness , Courageous in thought, Generous in love. Amen"
John Donohue, p. xiv

This prayer is taken from Eternal Echoes by John Donohue, p. xiv.
The book was published in 1998 by Bantam Press, London.

R.E. Department in St. Mary’s is a thriving and challenging department in which to work. Its aim is the all-round development of the young people at the school, helping them to grow intellectually, spiritually and morally. This is a complex task, which involves striving for academic excellence, creating a safe place for the young people, and supporting them in their growth, as they develop a close, personal relationship with Christ.

Key Message

God calls us to look hard at our lifestyles and to choose to live simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the poor.

In this way we can help create a world in which human dignity is respected and everyone can reach their full potential.

The department keenly supports the work of a locally based charity Concern Universal, welcoming visiting speakers and fundraising for their specific projects.

Activities like these play an important role in the growth of young people. They raise funds for charity, which is an important aspect of their development, helping them to realise the value of supporting those in greater need. They also raise awareness of many local and global issues, such as poverty, world trade and inequality.

Student Quotes about the R.E. Department

“R.E. is a relaxing and peaceful place where we work on charity and community.”

“R.E. is a brilliant subject. Meditation relaxes me and I feel well during the lesson!”

“When we talked about Cafod and people who live in developing countries it makes you appreciate the things you have.”


“R.E. helps me to think about something away from my own life.”


Teaching Methods and Approaches

The teaching of RE at St. Mary’s provides opportunities for:

  • Group work
  • Paired work
  • Whole class teaching
  • Individual work

Key personal, learning and thinking skills in Religious Education.

    • gather information
    • ask relevant questions
    • use different sources.
    • draw meaning from artefacts, symbols, stories, poems and art.
    • ponder on feelings, relationships, experience, ultimate questions, beliefs and practices.
    • consider the thoughts, feelings, experiences, beliefs, values of others
    • see the world through someone else’s eyes.
    • draw out essential ideas, distinguish between opinion, belief and fact
    • distinguish between key features of different Faiths.
    • make connections between ideas, beliefs, values, practices.
    • refer to different views and use reason to support one’s ideas
    • apply what has been learnt about a religion to a new situation
    • explain concepts, rituals, and practices
    • identify and express matters of deep concern by a variety of means – not only through words
    • respond to religious issues through a variety of media.