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School Student Council

School Council

Who are the school council members for 2023-2024

The School Council comprises two representatives from each Year Group. For the current academic year, the representatives are as follows:


Year 7: Rayne and Charlotte

Year 8: Isaac and Layla

Year 9: Aidan and Lucy

Year 10: Archie and Autumn

Year 11: James and Martha


The School Council aims:

  • To gather the students’ views on aspects of school life by liasing with Tutor representatives in their Year group.
  • To represent students views at school council meetings so that these can be fed back to SLT.
  • To help identify areas of school which could benefit from improvement.
  • To raise with the student body, issues which are a cause for concern.
  • To represent the student body in meetings with visitors.


School Council Meetings this Year


The school council meet the first L4L in the calendar month and discuss a range of issues affecting the school. They always put forward ideas and have shared these with their tutor groups.

The dates of the meetings are as follows:


Monday 2nd October

Tuesday 7th November

Wednesday 13th December

Wednesday 10th January

Thursday 8th February

Thursday 7th March

Friday 12th April

Monday 13th May

Monday 17th June

Tuesday 2nd July