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Science Department Staff.

Teaching Staff :-

Mr C. Bishop-Miller

Mr D. Matthews

Mrs A. Leslie

Mrs L. Peruffo

Mrs F. Wilson

Mr A. Yearnshire


Technical Support Team :-

Mrs A Baxendale

Mrs A Steward


Science at St Mary’s.

Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world. This is achieved by following a systematic approach to gather evidence leading to testable theories. Science develops questioning skills, ensuring our future generations don’t accept statements at face value, but probe the value, reasoning and evidence behind the top line. This is all supported by the six question words…


  • Who?
  • How?
  • Why?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • What?



At St Mary’s, our pupils study Biology, Chemistry and Physics using a narrative-based approach. Ideas are introduced within relevant and interesting settings helping learners to anchor their conceptual knowledge of the range of scientific topics required at GCSE level.

Practical skills are embedded within the specification and learners are expected to carry out practical work in preparation for a written examination that will specifically test these skills.


The current schemes of work were written collaboratively by the department staff, utilising areas of expertise to maximise impact. These schemes of work and related resources are stored electronically on our department central resource library. These can be accessed by all staff members.

Current schemes of work follow statutory guidance from DfE, but offer opportunity for further study to maximise particular areas of pupil interest. 

Marking and feedback within the department follows the school, marking policy in terms of aims, rationale, structure and frequency.

All pupils sit end of unit tests which can be used to award key stage three grades. These tests consist of a range of question styles, and prepare pupils for the longer form questions found in final GCSE exam papers.



Teachers primarily teach within their areas of specialism, and follow the syllabi available via the OCR website.

Resources are shared between department colleagues, with many resources stored within the department area of the central resources library.

KS4 pupils extensively (but not exclusively) use exam practice workbook(s) as their main method of homework. Work is marked and marks recorded regularly.

All pupils sit end of unit tests. These are made up of questions from previous exam papers and marked as per the mark scheme provided by the exam board.