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Welcome to St Mary’s RC High School Science Department.

  • Science Department Staff:

Head of Science:    

Mr Matthews

Full Time Teaching Staff: 

Mr Ashcroft

Mrs Leslie

Mr Yearnshire

Mr Williams

Part Time Teaching Staff:        

Mrs Peruffo

Mrs Wilson

Support Staff:                           

Mrs Baxendale

Mrs Griffiths

Mrs Fortey


  • What pupils can expect from ‘Science’ in Year 7?

Within the Science department, we pride ourselves on our ability to engage and enthuse pupils. This is aided by the use of exciting practical demonstrations. However, the big draw for pupils is the opportunity for ‘hands-on’ science within the laboratory. During year 7, pupils can expect to use Bunsen Burners to heat things, microscopes to open up worlds normally too small to see, develop understanding of sound waves using slinky springs, and maybe even experience an explosion or two. (controlled of course). The aim is to develop an interest in the world around us and enhance questioning skills, so we can extend understanding and ultimately nurture a  life-long love of Science.   


  • Course Content.

The key topics covered in year seven are split into units of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pupils study all three topic areas, regardless of which is their favourite, as a wide base of knowledge supports understanding when the content becomes increasingly difficult at key stage 4.


Year 7 Biology Units

Year 7 Chemistry Units

Year 7 Physics Units




Organising a Body

Chemical Reactions



Atoms and Elements



Acids and Alkalis



Each unit is completed with an end of unit test, which as well as allowing pupil and teacher to ascertain areas of strength, can also be used to recognise and revisit any gaps in knowledge.


  • Famous Scientists

Pupils may encounter many famous ancient scientists this year. These  include….



Robert Brown

Nicolaus Copernicus

Albert Einstein

Galileo Galilei

Robert Hooke

Johannes Kepler

Anton van Leeuwenhoek

Isaac Newton


Who knows, maybe the next big name in scientific discovery is about to join us in year 7 !?