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Teaching, Learning & Assessment

The scheme has been designed around Key questions and issues. Geographical skills are incorporated into lessons. Opportunities are taken to use the latest visual resources e.g. video, film, aerial photography, web sites and interactive activities. Hereford From The Air

Hereford from the air (image captured from Bedouin

Bedouin in modern day Jordan (image taken by P Bayliss)

Case studies have been chosen to provide greater depth to issues, such as China,  the Middle East, the USA, and Antarctica (for Global Warming).

Investigations and enquiries are used for some assessments with the success criteria shared with pupils before they begin the work. Pupils are expected to develop independent learning skills over the KS3 course.

Formal assessments take a wide variety of forms to take into account different learning styles and give pupils the opportunity to excel in different ways.

Pupils are expected to respond to comments made and will know how to improve the standard of their work.

Devestation Of Haiti

Haiti's unexpected catastrophic 7.0 earthquake in 2010 (Image by Anthonio Zuniga)