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What makes St Mary’s special?

For me, St Mary’s is more than just a school: it's a family that every student has the opportunity to be a part of. From your first week in year 7 to your final exams in year 11 you will discover that every teacher cares for you, your education and your wellbeing and that during your 5 years here you will be given every chance to get involved and develop into a mature and forward-thinking pupil, ready for everything that life will throw at you. For day-to-day life you will have certain  teachers who are always around to ensure that you are safe and happy, for example Mrs Walton will be your head of year and she’s amazing at helping with whatever you might need. 

There are always so many things going on that will keep you busy and help you to learn new skills – you could join sports clubs or read at Masses, there is so much on offer! And the most important thing is that you will meet many wonderful people and make great friends from all over the county, so there is no need to worry if you are coming up to high school not knowing many people. On top of this, you will get the chance to go on many trips and deepen your awareness of the world around you – a favourite for me was the Pilgrimage to Rome which taught me a lot about the catholic faith as well as giving me the opportunity to discover a new city. 

You will also learn about the Catholic values that make up the centre of school life, and these values will help to nurture and guide you into being respectful, understanding and thoughtful  person who has the power to create positive change in the world. 

The most important thing you can do while at St Mary’s is try to get as much out of school life as you can, and I know that every one of you has the ability to make the school proud. 

Martha F, Head Girl