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Wordwall revision (GCSE)

Paper 1 – Section A – Natural hazards

Types of natural hazards:

Hazards and risk

Factors affecting risk

Tectonic keywords

Plate margins

Earthquakes quiz

Global atmospheric circulation

Cross-section of a tropical storm

Impacts of climate change

Consequences of climate change


Paper 1 – Section B – The living world

Ecosystems crossword

Which biome is this?

Characteristics of biomes

Biotic and Abiotic

Layers of the tropical rainforest

Animals adaptations to the tropical rainforest

Value of the tropical rainforest

Causes of deforestation

Sustainable management of the tropical rainforest


Desert biome location

Biotic and Abiotic Components of the Desert

Opportunities for Development in the Desert

Causes of Desertification

Strategies to reduce desertification – Green Wall

Strategies to reduce desertification – water management



Paper 1 – Section C – Physical Geography of the UK

Rivers Quiz

Features of a river

Long profile of a river

Cross-section of a meander

Formation of a floodplain

River landform and protection


Paper 2 – Section A – Urban issues and challenges

Migration keywords

Impacts of migration

Conditions in shanty towns

Sustainable transport examples


Paper 2 – Section B – The changing economic world


Economic keywords

Indicators of development


Paper 2 – Section C – Resource management

What are the important resources?

How is food distributed?

Reasons for increased food consumption

How is demand for food changing?

How is water distributed?

Why is demand for water increasing?

Effects of water transfer

How to manage water pollution

How is energy distributed?

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