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World Challenge

World Challenge Build up Day Thursday 19th July All Day


Congratulations to World Challenge Malaysia – Team 2.

After three Saturdays of bag packing at Marks & Spencer’s Team 2 have raised a total of £1170.09 towards their expedition to Malaysia.

A fantastic effort from the team; they are already excited about their next fund-raising opportunity.


India 2016 Account by Ollie Howl 

In July 2016, I, along with 46 other students split into 3 teams, from St Marys RC High, travelled to Kochi in South India with World Challenge. It was an experience I will never forget, from which I have so many great memories with old and new friends. The trip was eye opening in that we got to experience a new culture, try new and different food, and meet new people that were just as excited to meet us, as we were to meet them. It has helped me in developing my leadership, teamwork, and organisation skills, as the team took it in turns to take on different roles, such as: leader, accountant, food, travel and accommodation organisers. This ensured that no one was left out, and everyone had a chance to prove themselves in a friendly environment, where we all encouraged each other to do the best that we all could do. For these reasons I would highly recommend that others try this experience and make their own great lasting memories.

Each different aspect of the trip faced us with new challenges, of which we tackled as a team, and over-came as a team. The views and surroundings on the trek were mesmerising, as we walked through the tea plantations that supplied us with tea at home, and eventually ending up in the mountains and rainforests trying to spot wildlife such as, elephants, black squirrels, monkeys etc. We all especially loved the 'project phase' as we were with the little children of the school we were helping to renovate. This is because they were all so excited to see us and just wanted to play and speak to us, trying out their English, which was surprisingly great. Every day we had freshly prepared Indian food that tasted delicious every time, no matter how far away from the city we were, always with a selection of different food to eat. We all had worries before we arrived in India, but our World Challenge guide and 'in-country agents'- Calypso, made sure that we were always safe and never had to worry, whilst over-coming our fears.

Ollie Howl

India 2016 Account by Faye Rogers 

From leaving the school gates to returning home two weeks later, every moment of a World Challenge expedition brings new adventures to help you discover and explore a different country. With the support of your leaders and teammates, you will be exposed to sights, smells, food and culture which will open your eyes to a completely different way of living. My expedition to South India in 2016 included trekking through the Munnar Hills and helping to build a dining hall for a primary school in the area. World Challenge emphasise the importance of Expedition Safety yet ensure that the expedition is largely led by the pupils to give opportunities of leadership and organisational skills. As well as being the most rewarding yet challenging few weeks, the skills pupils gain from a World Challenge trip are priceless alongside the memories and photographs that will always be remembered. I would highly recommend a World Challenge trip to everyone!

Sample Itinerary For Malaysia 2018