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World Challenge India

The World Challenge

World Challenge is an organisation that offers ‘education through exploration’ to students in year 10 and 11. The organisation aims to offer young people experience of other cultures and of the adult world. In late July 2016, 45 lucky students will travel to southern India with World Challenge to learn about the culture there and to help develop the infrastructure.  A few years ago, a group of students went to Tanzania with the World Challenge, and a long awaited second voyage is now in the process of happening.

This trip will include a four-day hike, five days in a community developing the infrastructure, and a day rest period. It will not be a holiday - as the name suggests, this is a challenge, and so it should test those that take part. Amongst other things, part of the challenge is for the student to raise the money for the trip themselves, rather than their parents paying for it. This is no mean feat, when you consider that the cost of this experience is approximately £2200, with visas, equipment and vaccinations. However, I consider this a price worth paying to go and experience what World Challenge is offering and to develop us into well-rounded human beings.

William Roberts October 2015